Silene is a great lover and observer of nature. Graduated in biological sciences, she worked for many years with Oceanography, one of her passions. Her intense curiosity for the natural world combined with her artistic sensibility, which has always been present between drawings and scribbles, are now transformed into jewellery by her. In a season at Alchimia, Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, she honed her techniques in contemporary jewellery and wax sculpture. Between years of work and many trips around the world and within nature, she absorbed different ways of life, patterns, organisms, cultures and she felt the need to portray this natural art in her work. Organic shapes and her passion for gems are always expressed in her pieces, which in turn are handcrafted, one by one.

Manual work, without large-scale production, is also a philosophy of her brand, because in addition to creating unique and special pieces for each person, she likes to carry out her work with great care, after all, it is an extension of herself.

In many of her pieces the stones are presented in their raw form, preserving the creation of nature itself.